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VLB Texas State Veterans Cemeteries are hallowed grounds that are an expression of our respect for the Texas men and women who have served our nation with distinction. They are exclusively for veterans, their spouse, and dependent children. They are special resting places, close to home, where friends, family and fellow Texans can honor Texas Veterans.

The sacrifices they laid upon the altar of freedom will never be diminished nor forgotten.

The staff at our state cemeteries are there to help each Texas veteran and their family at their time of need. Burial benefits at Texas State Cemeteries are identical to those at federal VA cemeteries.

Each cemetery has opportunities for community and veterans volunteers. Please contact a cemetery directly to learn more.

Texas state cemeteries are built through a partnership between the State of Texas and the federal VA, and are managed by the Veterans Land Board. They complement the four national cemeteries in San Antonio, Houston, Dallas-Fort Worth and El Paso.


Eligibility and Costs
Find out the eligibility requirements for VLB Texas State Veterans Cemeteries. There is no charge for the burial of veterans.  The cemetery directors can provide information on current charges for spouses and dependent children

Cemetery Pre-Registration
It is not possible for a veteran of family member to select or reserve burial sites prior to the time of need. The cemetery will provide the burial site at the time of need based on the type burial desired by the family and the location of the next available site.

While it is not necessary to pre-register, veterans or their families may pre-register with the cemetery prior to the time of need. The cemetery staff will work with you directly concerning pre-registration. To pre-register, complete a Pre-Registration form and provide a copy of the veteran’s discharge form (DD Form 214). Active Duty military personnel may provide a statement signed by their commander on official letterhead. In the instance of pre-registration for a spouse, provide a copy of the marriage certificate.

The Central Texas State Veterans Cemetery administration building is open from 7:30 AM to 4:30 PM weekdays at 11463 State Highway 195, south of Killeen. For more information call 254-616-1770

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