Military child accomplishes milestones to become more well-rounded, resilient

Losing your first tooth. Learning how to ride a bike. Driving a car. Those milestones may be familiar to most people, however, military children may have to endure unique milestones of their own.

In 1986, the Department of Defense designated April as the Month of the Military Child to highlight the sacrifices and unique milestones of the military community’s youngest members.

The military child is often faced with constant lifestyle changes whether it’s frequent relocations, reintegration with parent(s) from a deployment or training, caring for wounded parents and sometimes loss. The military child has to be resilient to withstand these unique milestones.

After four deployments and 19 years in the Army, Staff Sgt. Carlos Figueroa, a unit supply specialist with 3rd Cavalry Regiment, said his 13-year-old son, Andre, is resilient.

“When my dad deploys or goes away for training, it’s difficult,” Andre said. “But, knowing he’s helping the country makes me happy.”

“I know being in the military is not always easy, especially for military children, but Andre has excelled by being resilient,” Carlos said.


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